Persimmon Salad with Pomegranate and Walnuts Recipe (2024)



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mrs adamsmom

I have made this at least 6 - 7 times, two years in a row for a large Thanksgiving gathering and plan to bring it again this year. It is beautiful, delicious, and is an especially nice treat for the vegetarians in the crowd. Followed recipe exactly, occasionally adding arugula. Every last morsel gets eaten every time. For the cost conscious: the first time I made it, I paid $3 each for the Fuyu Persimmons at the local supermarket. Costco has them by the dozen for under $10. Highly recommend!

Deborah L. Jacobs

As the salad, I substituted baby arugula and tossed it gently with the walnut oil and persimmons. Then sprinkled pomegranate seeds and walnut halves (didn’t break them) on top. In lieu of sherry vinegar, I squirted ribbons of balsamic fig glaze across the top, incorporating some into each serving as I dished it out. It was a huge hit as an accompaniment to the Joan Nathan brisket recipe from NYT Cooking.

Jim K

Consider adding blue cheese. Makes a great salad even better!

ken kalfus

After making this several times, I’ve decided that nothing is gained and much is lost tribe to skin a persimmon.


This one is a hit at our table, no leftovers! The radicchio and frisse' endive were amazing play of bitterness with the sweet persimmons and pomegranate seeds. Easiest method of roasting nuts.

Ginger dill Salmon



Delicious and truly beautiful

Terri O

Gorgeous and tasty salad!!! I've made this 3 years in a row now for Thanksgiving using almost double the radicchio and doubling the vinaigrette. I use the Castelfranco and Chioggia varieties together. I don't always peel the persimmons (3-4 large) and if I don't, slice them more thinly. I always use Hazelnut oil because that's what I have on hand. The walnuts are so easy and flavorful--make some extra for another use (like a cheese plate)!

Patricia Kale

What a fabulous salad! Followed the recipe as written with two substitutions - arugula for radicchio since that is what I had on hand, and pomegranate vinegar for sherry vinegar. Made this for Thanksgiving dinner and had a tiny amount left over. Everyone must have enjoyed it!

liz wansbrough

Excellent- one can always rely on David Tanis for a perfect balance of flavors!


This salad is a surprising and lovely thing—a smart, bright contrast to a savory main course and a delicious destination for persimmons. Served it on a bed of radicchio with dressing from the bottom of salad bowl spooned over.


Any thoughts about how orange slices/pieces might fit in the mix?


sugar is so 20th smoking.I would leave sugar out


Have made this for years; it’s evolved into perfection for us, as follows: 1) we find mixed baby greens play very well in salad, w/some radicchio 2) don’t love pomegranates seeds in salad (they stick in teeth) but for that essential pomegranate flavor our dressing is 5*pomegranate balsamic w/olive oil and walnut oil, + black pepper 3) no need to peel fuyu persimmons - that is a wtf step in recipe 4) walnuts are a must, candied or toasted 5) add FRENCH (goat milk) feta. This = 1000% wonderful


This one is a hit at our table, no leftovers! The radicchio and frisse' endive were amazing play of bitterness with the sweet persimmons and pomegranate seeds. Easiest method of roasting nuts.


This is a wonderful salad. I used toasted pumpkin seeds in lieu of the sugared walnuts. Delicious and beautiful.


This vibrant salad was a big hit at Thanksgiving. I made two changes: sliced the persimmons in half-circles so they’d be prettier than wedges + subbed arugula for 2/3 of the radicchio (guests agreed that was the right balance; otherwise, it would have been way too bitter).


Delicious and well balanced flavors


Good adaptation of the Zuni recipe


Gorgeous! I added farro and roasted butternut squash to make it a full meal. We have an allium intolerance, so I subbed grain mustard for the shallots in the dressing and it worked well. Lovely sweet/tart flavors, crunchy/soft contrasts, and a beautiful plate. I'll be making this one again.

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Persimmon Salad with Pomegranate and Walnuts Recipe (2024)


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