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If you are celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday (or your own) with a party or having a Potter themed Halloween party, you need to make at least one of these 15 amazing easy Harry Potter inspired recipes. Narrowing down which of these desserts and drink recipes you will make will be difficult but the sharing is totally up to you!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (1)

So if you want to make these treats more often than once or twice a year, I won’t blame you! They really shouldn’t be relegated to merely July 31st and Halloween. I give you full permission to toast the boy who lived whenever you feel like it!

If you’re attending a birthday party and need some gift ideas for a Potterhead, take a look at this list of amazing Kitchen Gifts for Harry Potter fans. I’m sure you’ll find something that will make the perfect gift.

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15 Easy Harry Potter Themed Party Foods

There are so many amazing recipes out there for all sorts of sweet treats, especially involving butterbeer, that it can be hard to narrow down what to make for a Harry Potter party. Some of these desserts are so ridiculously easy it’s silly to not have them more often.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (2)

Easy Harry Potter Themed Cupcakes

This Basilisk cupcake cake and giant spider cupcakes are so easy to make and will be a huge hit at any party. Pair them up with Lego versions of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and the cupcakes double as decor!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (3)

Pumpkin Juice- Harry Potter Style #Pumpkinweek

This pumpkin juice recipe works well for both summer and fall since you can serve it chilled or warmed. Plus, it makes a nice accompaniment to the pumpkin pasties, hint hint.

Pumpkin pasties (aka pastries for us non- Brits) are cute little hand pies shaped like a pumpkin with a sweet pumpkin filling. They taste as good as they look!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (5)

Butterbeer Ice Cream Float

Butterbeer has to make at least a few appearances on the list. Butterbeer ice cream floats are so good on a hot summer day so they are perfect for Harry’s birthday. Of course, if you want to have one at Halloween that’s perfectly acceptable as well!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (6)

Gilly Water

This is a light and refreshing drink infused water recipe that has creepy spiral gillyweed (spiralized cucumber) floating in it.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (7)

Photo Credit:thegingeredwhisk.com

Cauldron Cakes with Fig Filling

Cauldron Cakes are tender little treats (also known as Eccles Cakes) stuffed with spiced dried figs and wrapped inpuff pastry. Perfect for the Wizard in training to snack on or for your next tea party!

Add a magical twist to your caramel popcorn by making it butterbeer flavored! Any of the versions would be fun for a party or movie night.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (9)

Photo Credit:whereismyspoon.co

Rock Cake Recipe

A better version of Hagrid’s rock cakes, soft and sweet, full of dried fruit and ready within 30 minutes.

Sorting Hat Cupcakes are immense fun for Harry Potter fans. Each brown sugar cupcake is filled with a stash of red, green, blue or yellow candy drops, (representing each of the 4 Hogwarts houses) which remain hidden under a swirl of butterbeer flavoured buttercream until bitten into. It’s a fun way for fans to find out their house.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (11)

Photo Credit:wellifshecandoit.com


This Harry Potter Unicorn Cake is as easy as it comes…and it sure doesn’t look like it! This cake is all about the decoration and the surprise inside.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (12)

Photo Credit:mommymadethat.com

Golden Snitch Harry Potter Cupcakes

These beautiful Golden Snitch cupcakes look incredible with their gold edible glitter but are deceptively easy to make!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (13)

Photo Credit:theunlikelybaker.com

Treacle Tart Harry Potter’s Favourite!

Treacle tart Harry Potter’s all-time favourite dessert! And for good reason. Fresh bread crumbs, delightful golden syrup, the slightest hint of lemon, buttery crust. Delicious!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (14)

Photo Credit:ikneadtoeat.com

Polyjuice Potion

Nothing like the real polyjuice potion, this tasty non-alcoholic neon green drink is sure to make the kiddos happy.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (15)

Photo Credit:princesspinkygirl.com

Harry Potter Butterbeer Ice Cream

This no-churnHarry Potter Butterbeer ice creamis the thing Harry Potter dreams are made of! Butter, brown sugar and vanilla help create this rich and creamy version of the Universal Studios Harry Potter World favorite!

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (16)

Photo Credit:perfectionpending.net

Easy Harry Potter Broomsticks Halloween Treat

Quick and easy and using only 3 ingredients, these cute little broomstick treats are perfect for Halloween and a Harry Potter party.

Easy Harry Potter Inspired Recipes (2024)


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