20 Profitable Cricut Crafts To Make and Sell in 2024 (2024)

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So, your creative energy kicked in and you now have a Cricut cutting machine to unleash your crafting potential. Congratulations! When I got mine, I was so excited about the many things I could do with it, as it saved me so much time printing and cutting specific shapes when creating bulletin boards, shirt designs, and even resin crafts to make and sell!

That’s right, it’s possible to put your Cricut machine into more of a good use and create lovely crafts for yourself and the community! Who knew just how beneficial and profitable this handy dandy machine could be?

Whether you’re thinking of profitable pinecone crafts to sell this Christmas or shirts for an all-year-round bestseller, the Cricut machine is the ultimate investment for your business.

Besides the fact your Cricut machine can provide various business ideas for stay-at-home moms, it’s also fun to play around with, while making quite a bit of money.

You can’t tell me you don’t want to spend your day doing fun hobbies that make money!

The only “dilemma” will be finding the perfect craft to showcase to your customers. With so many potential products to roll out, which one is best to do that entails a smaller capital while still bringing in a huge profit?

Check out these awesome crafts that can help get you your return on investment with your Cricut machine.

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1. Cute Personalized Tumblers

These personalized tumblers will be one of the biggest Cricut crafts to sell on Etsy with all the iced coffee girlies looking for something cute and aesthetic for their caffeine fix!

Come on, who wouldn’t want to arrive in school or work holding a personalized tumbler with their name, or even a cute message to perk them up?

2. Decorative Custom Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are excellent Cricut business ideas for people who want to sell products that are easy to make and will surely have a large audience. This one is perfect to place in any room or home office to help people keep moving forward!

You aren’t limited to this lovely motivational quote either, as you can either take advantage of popular designs, insightful messages, or open your business to custom orders to beautify any home.

3. Pretty Handmade Greeting Cards

Everyone wants to receive a beautiful handmade card for special occasions (or random, just because moments). It can make anyone’s heart melt knowing someone was thinking of them!

These can also be profitable Christmas crafts to make and sell as you can create holiday designs that customers can use for gifts! The designs are endless and can work for just about any theme, from birthday greetings to thank you cards.

4. Cool Custom Cricut T-Shirts

Custom shirts are easy Cricut crafts to sell since you’ll always have a huge market! There will always be someone looking for a shop that can customize shirts for them, creating a unique design they can’t find elsewhere.

You can also cater to companies looking to make shirts for their staff, or families who want a cute reunion-themed shirt! Just watch the orders come in as strong and quickly as a waterfall.

5. Aesthetic Personalized Tote Bags

Don’t you feel extra special whenever you’re shopping with your tote bag? I sure do, I love the stares I get, especially when I have a sassy quote thrown in there!

That’s why I know that personalized tote bags will be a huge hit, and the process of making them becomes even easier with a Cricut machine! Some people have said they make an extra $500 a month thanks to their orders of tote bags, so jump on the bandwagon, too!

6. Custom Cricut Vinyl Stickers

Whether you want to stick it on your tumblers, laptop, fridge, or anywhere else for that matter, vinyl stickers will always be a bestseller. That is, as long as you have a creative and viral design!

With awesome creative skills and the trusty Cricut machine, you can make vinyl stickers to catch your target market, may it be for K-pop stans, Trekkies, or Disney peeps! The possibilities are endless, so start creating!

7. Lovely Valentine’s Custom Mugs

Everyone will be scrambling for gifts for their lover in February, so take advantage of the demand! You can never go wrong with custom mugs as Valentine’s Day crafts to make and sell, especially matching couple mugs that will leave partners swooning.

So you can stop your search for Valentine’s Day Cricut crafts and start creating cute designs that couples are going to go gaga over!

8. Cozy Welcome Wooden Decor Signs

I spent some time woodworking and I only recently learned how you can use your Cricut to create wooden crafts to make and sell!

These wooden signs are the perfect product to roll out, as there’s no better welcome than a cute sign that brings out a cozy, rustic charm to any home.

9. Quaint Personalized Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is a challenge, where everything is planned to the T, including wedding invitations! You can take away one task for the bride and groom by offering to make fantastically designed wedding invites that they’ll be proud to send to everyone.

10. Amazing Birthday Party Decorations

Birthday parties aren’t complete without a gorgeous theme and party decor, which you can create with the handy Cricut! Open your business to customized party decor orders, may it be a specific color motif or a unique birthday theme.

With the right materials, these can be Dollar Tree crafts to make and sell, using affordable materials that won’t scrimp on quality!

11. Charming Personalized Cricut Bracelets

Making jewelry with Cricut is one of the fun jobs that pay well. How? You get to hone your creativity while making customers very happy with lovely bracelets like these that they can give to their friends, lovers, or relatives!

What’s even better is that just about anyone can learn how to make these lovely pieces of jewelry, so why not try it out yourself? I know I will!

12. Fancy Etched Glassware

Whenever I’m brainstorming things to gift in-laws or friends, I like being fancy and looking for wine glasses or personalized glasses that I know they’ll love to use or display.

I’m sure thousands of people think the same way or want to have their etched glassware for their dining areas, too! Grab the opportunity to gain a ton of sales with your Cricut and offer custom orders of any glassware!

13. Soft Custom Throw Pillows

Never underestimate the sellability of a throw pillow, especially a customized one with a cute design or personalized message.

Heck, these pillows gave ME an idea on how to re-style my living area this Christmas when the guests come over!

14. Memorable Scrapbooking Kits

Do you know how many times I keep telling myself I should start scrapbooking? This is probably a sign for me to just do it now!

Help folks like me out and offer custom scrapbooking kits so we can start putting all our memories in a beautiful place. I’m sure everyone will be grabbing these kits all year long!

15. Adorable Easter Garland

Need profitable Easter Cricut crafts? This Easter garland isn’t only going to fly off the shelves, it’s also so easy to make!

That way, you can create a ton of these in no time and keep selling them to families looking for unique decor for their upcoming Easter brunch.

16. Snowy Christmas Ornaments

You can never go wrong with ornaments, as they are surefire profitable wooden Christmas crafts that anyone will buy.

Wooden ornaments bring on a more homey vibe that matches Christmas trees, and you can offer various designs and merry puns that will be an instant hit!

17. Attractive Custom Coasters

My partner will forever be on my butt when it comes to leaving hot or cold drinks on the table, so I’ve got to create my own set of coasters that say “YES, I’M USING THE COASTER!”

Your Cricut can make funny designs for coasters, or aesthetic ones so the table stays protected while looking good.

18. Creative Wall Art

Making wall art is a profitable side hustle that won’t only earn you money. You’ll also have loads of fun with the design process and contribute to a gorgeous home with your work displayed. I know I’d be proud when I know my artworks are displayed in people’s homes!

19. Mother’s Day Wine Glasses

May it be for a Mom’s Day gift or something to place in their kitchens, people are going to be ordering sets of these wine glasses to show off!

Let mom know they’re the best in the kitchen and the garden with these adorable glasses. Even non-wine drinkers are going to appreciate the heck out of them!

20. Customized Casserole Dish

I never knew I needed a customized casserole dish until now!

These are terrific Christmas Cricut crafts to sell because you’ll have a surefire market of people getting these pretty dishes for their moms or cooks in the family!

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20 Profitable Cricut Crafts To Make and Sell in 2024 (2024)


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