10 DIY Pumpkin Crafts Using Simple Stuff (2024)

These DIY Pumpkin Crafts are a delightful and easy way to get into the spirit of the fall season. These fun projects will invite you to transform simple items around your house into unique fall decorations. From engaging activities like creating a mummy-inspired pumpkin family to making a textured pumpkin using bubble wrap, there’s plenty of playful creativity to explore. Regardless of your craft’s choice, each of the ideas we provide will add a special touch to your autumn decorations, providing hours of enjoyment and hundreds of decorative possibilities. So, let’s create adorable and fun additions to your fall decor before you know it!

DIY Pumpkin Crafts

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Our unique Pumpkin Crafts will add a festive touch to your home and provide an excellent and creative pastime. There’s nothing quite like starting your creative side and seeing your ideas come to life. Our easy-to-follow pumpkin craft ideas ensure that everyone, even those who think they need to be more crafty, can join in the fun. Following our simplified steps, you can transform ordinary pumpkins into playful mummies or even paint unique designs using bubble wrap. Making these crafts yourself or involving the whole house can be fun and engaging. So get your supplies ready, and head on to an exciting journey of artsy exploration together.

Wooden Pumpkin Fall DIY Craft

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This Wooden Pumpkin Fall DIY Craft is a creative and rustic project that can add a touch of autumn charm to any home. This craft involves using wooden rosettes or any scrap or pre-cut wood you have on hand, which you then paint with acrylics in various orange hues and dark chocolate for depth. The idea presented is flexible, allowing you to paint the pumpkins in any color that suits your decor, and you can even stack them for a tiered effect. It is cost-effective and offers the opportunity to personalize your fall decor.


Wood Veneer DIY Pumpkin

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Follow this appealing homemade Wood Veneer DIY Pumpkin craft that combines simplicity with the charm of the farmhouse-style decor. It involves the use of wood veneer edging strips, which are cut into equal lengths and painted or stained for a rustic appearance. The strips are glued to a base (one could use an old CD) using a heat source to activate the adhesive on the wood strips. Once the strips are attached, the pumpkin’s shape is formed by bending and gluing them together. A birch wood piece mimics a stem and is reinforced with strong adhesive and hot glue.

The final touch is added by decorating the pumpkin’s top with moss, leaves, or other embellishments, creating a unique fall decoration that also recycles already available materials.


Canning Ring Pumpkins

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Here, we developed a delightful and easy autumn craft that can bring a customized touch to your fall decor. To create them, start with 18 canning rings and use a floral wire to thread them together, ensuring all face the same way to form a pumpkin shape. Before assembling, wrap each ring with your ribbon, securing it with hot glue for a snug fit.

Ribbon choices and colors can vary based on preference, allowing for a range of looks from elegant to bold. Once the rings are strung and arranged on the wire, secure them by tight twisting them. Add a real or artificial stem for the final touch, and you can even accessorize with bows or leaves to enhance the pumpkin’s appearance.


How To Create Recycled Tin Can Pumpkins For Autumn

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Put your hands on this fun and creative idea to use everyday recyclable materials for colorful fall decorations. Begin by collecting different-sized tin cans and painting them in various shades of orange, applying a titanium white basecoat for a bright finish. Attach dark chocolate-colored wooden finials as pumpkin stems, using a hot glue gun to secure them to the can tops. Knot or tie green ribbons in varying lengths and shades around the wooden finials to create leaves. This simple, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly craft takes around 30 minutes, making it an ideal activity for involving kids or as a festive Halloween project.


How To Create Denim Pumpkins With Recycled Jeans

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Creating Denim Pumpkins With Recycled Jeans is a creative, eco-friendly craft for autumn. In this project, you can repurpose old jeans into charming, quirky pumpkins. Start by measuring and cutting sections from the jeans. You then secure the leg opening at one end with a heavy-duty rubber band, create a small opening for stuffing, and secure the opposite end the same way. After creating the basic shape, you fill your denim pumpkin with Poly-Pellets to provide a sturdy base, followed by Poly-Fil for the pumpkin’s body. Sealing the stuffing hole with fabric glue completes the main pumpkin form, after which you can personalize your pumpkin by attaching a wine cork as the stem and adding a bow of gingham ribbon.


Halloween Popsicle Stick Pumpkins Craft

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Follow this Halloween Popsicle Stick Pumpkins Craft idea for making a fun and engaging art piece ideal for kids during Halloween. Start by gluing 11-12 popsicle sticks side by side into a rectangular shape to form the base of the pumpkin, and paint it orange. While it’s drying, kids can draw and cut out facial features from black paper to mimic a Jack-O-Lantern’s face. Finally, attach a coiled pipe cleaner at the top of the base pumpkin to act as the stem. This creates cute pop-stick pumpkins that will make the Halloween decor livelier.


How To Make Paper Pumpkins

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Here, we came up with a delightful, easy craft for kids and adults. Using shades of orange and white card stock or construction paper, you can create a bunch of adorable paper pumpkins that add a festive touch to your Halloween or fall decor.

To make them, you cut strips of paper of a certain length and width depending on the pumpkin’s desired size, then glue them together in a circular pattern to resemble a pumpkin. For the stem, use a green pipe cleaner that you thread through holes at the ends of the paper strips, twisting it to secure the strips into a pumpkin shape. To finish, you can optionally add a stem crafted from a scrap of brown paper. This speedy craft is achievable within a few minutes and produces attractive paper pumpkins to brighten any space.


Lollipop Pumpkin Craft

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This Lollipop Pumpkin Craft is an easy and enjoyable Halloween craft for kids. The project requires round lollipops, orange tissue paper, green pipe cleaners, a black Sharpie, and scissors. You can start by wrapping a square of orange tissue paper around the top of the lollipop and then securing it with a green pipe cleaner.

Make sure to skip the ends of the tissue paper extra long to simulate the pumpkin’s leaves. Depending on your lollipop and tissue paper size, you may need to trim the paper slightly so there is only a little hanging underneath the pipe cleaner. Next, give your pumpkin a personality by using a black Sharpie to add eyes, nose, and mouth. If you wish, you can make a cute pumpkin or a spooky Jack-O-Lantern.


Create A Family Of Pumpkin Mummies For Halloween

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This amazing project is a fun and exciting activity perfect for kids. Using pumpkins of various sizes, you can make a “mummy” that represents each family member. Begin by splitting a roll of gauze in half lengthwise – a step that can be simplified for smaller pumpkins – and fasten one end to a pumpkin’s back using a hot glue gun.

Next, wrap the gauze around the pumpkin to give it a mummified look. You can turn the pumpkin and adjust the gauze as you go to get a nice look. When wrapped, seal the other gauze end with more hot glue or tuck it in. Add a couple of googly eyes that “peek” from beneath the gauze and a tiny piece of black sticky foam for the mouth to finish the face. You can make a family of pumpkin mummies by repeating these steps using different pumpkins.


Bubble Wrap Pumpkin Craft

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This Bubble Wrap Pumpkin Craft is a fun and interactive activity ideal for young children. It involves using a pumpkin template and painting it using bubble wrap wrapped around cardboard tubes, which act as brushes. Children use washable orange and green paints to create a textured, bumpy pumpkin design. It is excellent for nurturing fine motor abilities, color awareness, and hand-eye coordination among preschoolers and kids aged three and above. It is also an engaging, slightly messy activity that lets children explore their imaginative side while offering a unique tactile painting experience.


10 DIY Pumpkin Crafts Using Simple Stuff (2024)


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